Saturday, May 2, 2009

Age of Globalization: What it All Means

I am creating this blog after having spent the past couple of years writing ideas down in a notebook. This is a terribly inefficient way to maintain and test new ideas as it does not leave many opportunities to build on them with others.

The name, "Age of Globalization" refers to the dominant force redefining social, political, and cultural phenomena worldwide. The discussion can and will likely go beyond this. A few topics that I hope to write on in the coming weeks and months include: technologies of social exclusion and the implications of such technology on public participation, a middle road in the abortion debate, the role of taxes and government services in society and how much they are worth relative to what we are willing to pay for them, the role of media commentators in our society, the power of maintaining dignity in international relations, and what we view as the primary ideal role of government in our lives. These political feeds will be occasionally punctuated by ideas on Faith, culture, and the like as well.

The point I want to make is this: our society is fundamentally changing, and we must create policies that defy our traditional boundaries of political thought. In other words, even though we have seen massive polarization in our country, we have to create policies that are in accordance of how we actually want our country to be. This discussion is not about arguing predefined positions, but about expanding and creating ideas that are pragmatic and viable.

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