Friday, April 30, 2010

Guns Go South

To me, there are a number of arguments that I find interesting with regards to our southern border. There is one thing, though, that I find especially frustrating.

That article is about a police officer shot by a drug smuggler. The comments afterward are pretty heavy. First, people often spend the entire time blasting illegal immigrants (although drug smugglers are not really illegal immigrants). Second, the gun that was used to shoot that officer was probably bought in Arizona and smuggled over the border. Arizona is a state where anyone can buy and carry assault weapons wherever and whenever they want. These guns are being smuggled south by AMERICANS (Arizonans) and used to support drug gangs. And yet, we are as incapable as ever of recognizing that simple checks on gun ownership or bans of weapons capable of mass murder is not a check on the 2nd Amendment. Anyway, I just find it frustrating that we are willing to complain about illegal immigration, but the same people who complain are unwilling to stop the danger by requiring simple checks on guns to prevent smuggling.

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