Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Already in July...

July is barely a week old and already it is appearing interesting.

First is this stupid Seattle weather...it is currently about 50 degrees, cloudy, and rainy. In Texas I would be hot and unhappy, but at least it would be summer.

Sarah Palin decided to be a loose cannon again this week by randomly quitting the governor's post. She then went on to say that this was the "out of the box" thinking common among Alaskans and is an important part of who she is politically. Ted Stevens thought out of the box too when he made all those deals that got him convicted for ethics violations. Why she thinks her ability to "think out of the box" by quitting her post with 18 months still to serve is a quality necessary in presidents, baffles me.

Also this week, western media is chocking up the Uigher riots in China to Twitter...never mind that this is one of the poorest and least connected areas out there and is regularly ignored by western grouiops that happily protest over Tibet. The reality is that information has always spread and it just spreads more easily now. China is proving, however, that the state, while it cannot cut off the flow of information, can meddle enough to raise concerns about the quality of any reports coming from anywhere. In the battle between freedom of expression via the internet and the state, the state is still winning. The danger of this is that, in the absence of quality news, rumors abound. And rumors are dangerous.

Republicans are also having a hard time finding candidates for President in 2012. So far, let's look at how he potential candidates stand:

Tim Pawlenty: Looking strong...we'll see if he can ruin it for himself.
Bobby Jindel: Taking speaking classes (we assume since he really could not respond effectively to Obama in his response speech several months ago).
Sarah Palin: Riiiiiiggggghhhhhtttt
Mark Sanford: Rrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggggg0hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttttt

I am sure there are others. I do not know who they are. I would appreciate suggestions.

Other news includes the overthrow of a Honduran president and Chavez supporter (who we unfortunately now have to support, but must since coups set a bad precedence), stuff on health care, stuff on climate, stuff on Russia. All that stuff seems to be chugging along, more or less.


  1. what do you have against Mark Sanford. He is an eloquent, smart man and would make an amazing 2012 presidental candidate. The democrats only have Obama, who has already proven incapable of dealing with any of the problems that we currently face.

  2. and PLEEAASE do not say that he is unqualified because he had an affiar. You liberals could not get enough of Bill even after his whole episode with Monica. Or maybe you would prefer if the Republicans nominated Mrs. Sanford. We know that you all believe that if a woman can not maintain her own house, she should be given control of the white house. Is that one of those, "those who can't teach" sort of principles?

  3. Go for it. Nominate him. He is not the governor of my state and, while I do not agree with him on stuff, I was just mentioning that he would never be nominated since Republicans at least in theory put a premium on personal morality.

  4. Actually, in my opinion, nominations do not always have much to do with qualifications. Very few people were as unqualified as Sarah Palin for politics and policy on a national scene and yet she was nominated.

    Also, try not to group people as though we were homogenous just because we are fit into the "liberal" category. Making assumptions by comments that start with "you liberals" is not really a good way to discuss things. Also, what problems is Obama "incapable" of facing?