Thursday, July 30, 2009

Israel's Attack Dog

The NY Times had an interesting article today about Israeli outposts that have been erected in protests to the Obama Administration's demand that settlement building and expansion stopped. Never mind that these guys are crazy fundamentalists, this is extremely frustrating because we have, as a country, supported Israel more than virtually any other place, and now Israel refuses to help reach peace. They fail to recognize that the whole war on terror is based fundamentally on US support for Israel against the Palestinians and without paying attention to the Palestinians. The truth is that, while supporting Israel in many ways makes sense, we allow them to do things to the Palestinians that are truly inhumane. When Israel warns us not to pressure them, I get very frustrated because we subsidize the destruction of the lives of the Palestinians and have made it possible for them to continue to exist. In today's day and age of terror, we need to get this issue resolved. There needs to be a viable Palestinian State, and it is time that it occurs. Israel's position is a threat to our National Security, but they do not want to be pressured.

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