Thursday, August 13, 2009

Republican's Claim Anger

People in this country seem to be against anything and everything that is changed. Republicans act all holy and say that this is an example of them being right. The rediculous thing, is that we are coming off of an extremely expansive government. Republicans are acting like they have the answers when what we need now is a solution that involves us all collectively, forcing us to turn to the government to organize and coordinate our fixing of our society. Why do the Republicans appropriate the anger as theirs? It is because they truly want everything to crash and burn so they can come back to the top. The tell lies about the health reform efforts whenever a couple of years ago, they lead an effort that cost HUGE amounts of money to reform Medicare. I am babbling incoherantly because I cannot believe that people believe the lies and idiocy they are spouting. I cannot believe that we, a country that has led the world, wants to stick our collective heads in the sand. I get people are angry about how the government stepped in to help the big guys and banks-this policy may well have been unavoidable-but it makes sense that this causes anger.

We as a country have always moved forward by being daring, strong, and forward thinking. We have been successful because of our individuality; however, we have reached a point where that ideal is sinking us into the ground. We need collective action, but we cannot get beyond our obsession with individualism.

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