Monday, May 31, 2010

Obama and the Oil Spill

Why, oh why, Obama did you not respond to this with greater urgency? I want to support what they are doing, but the truth is that they did not seem to take strong enough action. Sure, they could not have stopped the oil leak themselves; however, they could have mobilized people earlier to keep the oil off the coast. Yet, they did nothing.

The Obama administration has done a number of very efficient and good things; however, he responded to this oil spill as though it was a local problem that could be resolved locally; a very big mistake.


  1. Funny, Bush got roasted by the Democrats for doing a far better job with Katrina than Obama has done with the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. Funny how they're not roasting him to a turn for that.

    His shutting down offshore drilling pretty much put paid to any Gulf coast support he might have got, too. Mind, I doubt he had that much to begin with so I suspect that his ideological calculus doesn't regard setting back bringing additional gulf oil supply back 5-8 years as anything worth worrying about.

  2. I disagree with Obama's decision to stop drilling. I do not really understand what it has to do with anything.

    On the other hand, Bush did a terrible job with Katrina and it is ridiculous to say otherwise. Obama has definitely done better (the problem is stopped, cleaning is continuing). New Orleans is yet to be rebuilt. Katrina was an abject failure of our government to save our own people.