Saturday, June 5, 2010

What is it like to be a minority and a Republican?

Apparently something like this:

What I wonder is why Republicans just happen to make so many awful comments "in jest?" I look at things like this and recognize the origin of the slur and that it is an attack against the candidate, the president, and Muslims. Yet, Republicans keep these guys around and invite more in every day. I wonder what it is like to be the Republican who is being slurred just because she looks different? How does it feel to have to agree with the large portion of your party who thinks like your attacker? How does it feel to have to admit that the comment was "in jest" and say that you are not offended? How does it feel to have everyone else in the race get a free pass because they are not minorities hated by Republicans. They never have to defend themselves or prove how thick-skinned they are to racial attacks and bias.

I am just wondering...

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  1. LOL! I expect it is sort of like being a white male Democrat. :-D