Sunday, June 27, 2010

Microsoft Technical Support

Microsoft Tech Support was fun today. My phone was off, so I started communicating with the guy on the other line via the "Notepad" application on my desktop. We had a nice conversations. Here it is:

ME: If you called, could you call again? My phone was off :P. Thanks. It looks like things are good now, though....

HIM: yes... i will call u in other 5 minutes... okie... :)

Sounds great!

thank you :)
installation will be completed in other 5 minutes...
so once its done....u can open office application to activate the copy.... okie... i will guide u

Sounds perfect. I am just glad this was so easy :)

the problem was there was no sufficient permissions to the user account ur using... so i gave permissions to everyone and started the installation, worked fine... also teh downloaded file was redownloaded file

makes sense... This is my first new computer in seven years, so I had forgotten about the permissions... Oh well, thanks for fixing it....WC :)

click on the installation window

illbe go ahead...sorry for interrupting :D

click on close...
product is activated...WOOOOOOW :)
makes my day!!!!!


with ur permission can i close the case as resolved


Yep! Thanks. I appreciate it. Should I click on the "Stop Sharing" button?

i will exit from my end... in case u have any query please do feel to reply to the email which i have sent u...and we can work together again.,... :)

Thanks. Sounds great. This was fun, actually.

thanks a lot.... fun at work.... :0
I admit it is earth shattering for me too :)
okie then derrick... nice working with such a good person... have a great day ahead... take care.... and ITS HARSHA.... sigining off...:0

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