Monday, September 14, 2009

Contrived Protests

Remember when Libya, Egypt, China, and Iran have protests how we say that they are contrived by the government in order to put pressure on opponents? We do this on a regular basis in reference to authoritarian/partly-authoritarian states.

I find that protests in this country are regularly just as contrived, especially when a massive number of people are brought to Washington in order to call the president a socialist. The truth is that protests and grass roots stuff these days are driven by money and those who have it. If you can pay the cost of bringing millions to one place, then you get to have a protest. These may be corporate and special-interest based protests, but they are just as contrived.

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  1. Most of the people that I knew that went to DC a while back did it on their own. It doesn't do to presume that a grassroots movement like the "teabaggers" employs the same tactics as the left does. :-D