Thursday, September 17, 2009

Missile Shield

Today, the Obama administration ended the missile defense program in Easten Europe. Conservatives said we were surrendering to the Russians. The truth is, they are being short-sighted because it is not weakness to try and get along with them, especially when allies like Georgia really did provoke that war in S. Ossetia. Additionally, we really need their support on Iran and in making Iran fall into line.

I am often disappointed that conservatives in international affairs talk as though it is possible for us to continue acting as we have in the past, when the strategic reality is one where we can actually get along with the other rising powers. Especially since, as with China, when we do not have a choice.

A note on blog writing. I think I am almost finished with writing since I am going back to grad school now. Once I have an outlet for writing and discussion, I probably will feel compelled to write here less often.


  1. I no know why you so angry a young man. Do you not know anything nice or good? What is wrong with the world I like?

    I tell you what. You come to my house and I make you a good Bulgarian supper. Maybe it make worry not so much.

  2. Good luck in grad school. Given how discredited city planning has become as a discipline I wonder that you are taking it up.

  3. Discredited in some places, perhaps, but very important (and of growing importance).