Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Republican Insanity

Obama will be addressing children to deliver an educational message sometime in September for 15 minutes of a 1-hour long program.

Listening to the Republican pundits on Fox would make one think he is trying to indoctrinate them. The movement to keep children at home from school in order to not listen to the President is truly unprecedented since the President is the leader of this country, the entire country. The reality is that we Democrats never had a Karl Rove. Even our crazy anti-war socialist types are disavowed by us. Why is it that we disown our crazies while Michael Steele had to apologize to Rush Limbaugh. These people have called Obama a racist, said they want him to fail, and are preventing the Health Care Bill from going forward so that they can defeat him. He has made rookie mistakes by not outlining his plan and fighting for it, but the truth is that the Republicans have been truly disgusting. We need to fix our health care system and yet they will not even work to come up with something! Fox News is the most inane babble I have ever spent five minutes listening to since tonight when I heard Laura Ingraham and some other crazy along with Alan Colmes talking about how he is going to indoctrinate them and make them environmentalists. Even if he was, what is it that Republicans have against the environment?

My point is, to all my Republican friends, that I try and focus on our mutual complaints: the tendency for money to dominate, lack of willingness to compromise, moral and ethical problems in society, lack of individual accountability, the list is quite extensive. The truth, however, is that I am barely able to continue trying to find common ground because when it all is said and done, I am unable to understand how the Republicans can possibly believe that they have anything right left? The health care system is in crisis! Our system's metrics are getting worse, while other countries are getting better. The lies that I have heard from everyone on the other side make no sense to me. Want to argue that we need more insurance competition? Fine. Want to argue that malpractice suits and education costs require doctors to charge a lot? Great. Want to argue that we as a society demand more care and therefore it costs more? Ok, I will discuss that and have things on which we can agree and disagree. For death panels, rationing, government control of doctors, and all the rest of the BS, I do not want to hear it. The Republicans refused to address global warming in the 1990s and now we are in crisis mode and unable to respond to it today, with China threatening to out perform us in green-tech development. The Republicans argued and fought for deregulation that led to the mess we are in now. Republicans shifted focus on our war from Afghanistan to Iraq and supported a STUPID strategy in both places, costing us hundreds of billions and we are still unable to leave. Republicans shut Democrats and others out of the legislative process for years while we tried to have a chance to talk, they politicized the judiciary, they gutted civil rights in the Justice Department, they wrecked environmental policy, and worst of all, people like Karl Rove have politicized us so much that we cannot even sit together and discuss things based on facts because we all disagree. The only problem here is that this mess is not coming equally from both sides. Our most liberal commentators like Michael Moore get listened to by some, but not by the active center-left liberals like myself, who appreciates some stuff but can, as someone who pays a lot of attention to everything, distinguish the facts from the crap. Why cannot people recognize that the past 8 years have done more to destroy our society and country than any other time and that continuing to act like petulant children who make up lies in order to further agendas based around little else than winning, and that all of this is a very BAD thing. I know enough people from all extremes and on all sides. I have discussed, argued, and I hope someday with friends (including my best friend who is more to the conservative side and is a Republican) to be able to help change the world and support this country. At this point, however, I do not know if there will be anything left to save.


  1. "But speaking the truth in love, may [you] grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ"

  2. I think that this says it all about life in these United States...