Friday, March 12, 2010

Congressman Massa

His possible indiscretions and other weird behavior aside, Massa did an excellent interview with Glenn Beck earlier this week. The entire interview in my opinion was saved by the last few minutes when Massa told Beck to stop calling fellow Americans names.

You should check out the video of the interview. Here is John Stewart's (obviously unbiased) recap.

The main point I would make about this whole event is that Massa, while critiquing democrats and the White House, nevertheless asked Beck to stop calling fellow Americans names. He said that you could be a progressive and a fiscal conservative. He said many of the things I would tell Beck if I were to interview with him or, as I did in a recent bored-in-class daydream, sit next to him on a flight across the US. The thing is that Beck did not want to hear any of Massa's comments. He did not even respond to his requests to stop calling Americans derogatory things or saying that everyone is socialist. He made an appeal for fair debate and yet Beck struck him down. I wish that people would take this as proof that Beck is more interested in his books [like How to Argue with Idiots] rather than in a reasonable debate. They may not, and it may have taken a disgraced congressman arguing with a guy who said that he thinks that the US government is out to destroy him to do it, but at least I could appreciate someone taking the time to try.

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