Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cultural Relativism or Protection of Equality?

When working with communities with different cultural or ethnic "values" than my own, I am often forced to come to terms with the post-modern ideal of cultural (and often moral) relativism. I do not believe it, as my recent post on Truth vs. Tolerance discussed. The following article details the problem I spoke of in that post (though this article in particular pertains to the UK).

The reality is that we as countries receiving immigrants must recognize inherent and fundamental practices present in new communities that are against fundamental and universal rights. I believe that we must work to become aware of these problems and approach these communities with a goal of integration and especially education of vulnerable groups within these communities. A policy of engagement as part of the process of becoming citizens should be implemented so that these vulnerable people will know their rights in this country. While I do not believe in forcing people to give up their values in general, I believe that universal rights do exist and that we should be cognizant of them when we work with new communities that may not have access to all their rights because we fail to make them clearly available.

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