Monday, March 15, 2010

Social Justice Christianity

The above is a petition from the Sojourner's website. They are a group of largely liberal, social justice type Christians. Sometimes they are even too liberal for me!

That said, Glen Beck said something interesting about social justice Christianity the other day when he equated it with Nazism and communism. I have also heard people being interviewed at conservative rallies equate social justice to the same things. The reality is that every good and effective liberal movement contains and element of social justice, the idea that all people are created equal and therefore deserve equal treatment, justice, and opportunity in our society. This is not a radical idea since in many respects social justice is the opposite of tyranny.

To my fellow Christian friends who listen to Glen Beck, perhaps think about who would have been included in Beck's statement; it has effectively equated many great leaders to whom we all have looked for guidance, with some of the great evils of our past century.

Social justice also does not kill people.

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  1. "Social justice also does not kill people."

    LOL! You've obviously not talked to many older Russians who lived through the 1930s or Chinese who lived through the Cultural Revolution. :-)